Shoulder Physical Therapy – Rehabilitate Shoulder Pain

Shoulder physical therapy is a good idea for many people. If you have had a shoulder injury or have been through one, you know how painful they can be. Even if you are not injured, shoulder pain makes you feel like your whole upper body has been hit with a hammer. It hurts to move and sitting down takes all your strength away from you. Here we will look at some of the different shoulder physical therapy that you may want to try.

Shoulder Physical Therapy

One of the most common injuries that people have, especially women, is a rotator cuff tear. They happen in a group of four muscles that are very important for the shoulder movement. Shoulder physical therapy can help if you have either of the following: Rotator cuff tears. Shoulder inflammation with reaching and throwing pain.

Another problem that commonly happens is a shoulder pain that comes on and then goes away. This can be caused by doing everyday activities too much or too little. You can get relief from this by doing shoulder physical therapy that stretches the muscles in the area. Stretching helps strengthen the muscles so you do not have as much strain on them. Stretching also helps move the joint from side to side.

When you are going through a shoulder physical therapy session, your therapist may use heat on your muscles to help loosen them up and reduce inflammation. The therapist will give you an electric current that can be applied to the muscles. He may also use warm compresses to reduce swelling. The therapist will use his hands and place them on your shoulder blades so that they can stretch the muscles.

Other exercises your shoulder physical therapy therapist may recommend include stretching and strengthening exercises. These exercises are geared to rebuild your shoulder and help you avoid future injuries. The shoulder joint is one of those joints in the body that experiences a lot of wear and tear over the years. Shoulder rehab can be a time consuming process but it can be effective if you invest in the time it takes.

Shoulder physical therapy does not always address rotator cuff tears. If the injury is less than a mild tear, then therapy for that area will not be necessary. The proper treatment for an injured shoulder is immobilization of the shoulder. Once the patient is immobilized, then treatment can be started to rehabilitate the shoulder.