Plumbing Repair – Easy Ways to Fix Your Plumbing Problems Yourself

Plumbing is a critical component in the home and it is vital that homeowners take very good care of their plumbing systems. Leaky pipes, clogged sinks, broken toilets, slow faucets and drainpipes can all result in a costly home repair bill if they are not dealt with quickly and efficiently. While simple problems can be handled by do-it-yourself plumbing fixes, more complex ones call for the expertise of a trained professional plumber. Fortunately, there are many ways to get help with the most common plumbing issues. Here are some of the best options:

Before calling a professional, make sure you have an idea of the problem. If you see a large and busted pipe behind the sink or faucet, chances are the blockage is in the pipe under the sink. In this case, the pipe will need to be taken out and repaired, but you should also have any other fixtures in the house checked as well. Simple leaks will only usually require a few fixes, while major repairs will involve more bending and sealing. If your sink, tub, or shower drain is clogged, the blockage could be coming from inside the fixture, requiring you to replace the entire set. This is one of the most costly plumbing repairs, and a skilled professional can easily fix the problem.

Cracked Pipes One of the most common plumbing repairs, cracked pipes are easy to spot. There are two reasons why a pipe becomes cracked, either because of old age or because of an impact. If the crack is minor, most people can replace the pipe on their own. But sometimes older pipelines are simply too old to fix on your own, and will need to be replaced by a professional. For this type of plumbing repair, always remember to wear safety equipment like gloves and goggles.

Clogged Toilets Plumbing problems like clogged toilets might not seem like a big concern, but they’re actually quite dangerous. Clogged toilets are exactly the same as having a dirty toilet, meaning that a clogged toilet can lead to a slow running, hard to use restroom. The first thing you should do before starting a plumbing repair is turn on the bathroom sink and flush it to try and remove any standing water in the pipes. A clogged toilet might also have a backed up toilet trap, which is a simple remedy – fill the toilet with some water and run the plunger until the water drains out of the trap.

Backed Up Drains This is another one of those plumbing repairs that is surprisingly common, but can be surprisingly simple to fix. A backed up drain is when a plumber unclogs a drain only to find out that the obstruction is still present. The first thing you should do before starting a plumbing repair is turn on the faucet and flush it to try to clear away any standing water from the pipes. If you find that even after flushing the pipes still have water stuck in them, then you should look for a similar problem and try to clear it by replacing the sink with a new one or by taking it apart and reinstalling it.

Leaky Pipes If you have leaky pipes in your home, you can be up against a lot of labor and expenses. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to catch leaks before they turn into larger problems. The best way to go about solving these types of leaks is to call a residential plumbing contractor. Many hardware stores sell plumbing repair kits that include items such as washers, washer nozzles and some sealant which can be applied to both the inside and outside of the pipe. You can also buy tools that are designed to make your job much easier, such as specialized pipes tools and wrench handles.