Pay Per Call Advertising

Pay per call refers to the concept of paying for every sale or lead generated from a telemarketing campaign. Pay per call is a cost-efficient marketing model whereby the rate paid to the advertiser varies according to the amount of telephone calls generated by an advertisement. Most Pay Per Call services charge per sale, per call or per conversion. In most cases, a large amount of call is generated by a small, specialized advertiser and the advertiser must pay for this large number of sales and leads.

Pay Per Call

It is important for an advertiser to understand how much he can pay for each sale generated from his ads. There are several factors that contribute to the amount of money that can be charged per sale;

The length of time that an advertiser spends on his call is also a factor to consider. Call duration should not be longer than thirty seconds unless the advertiser has a very special offer that is not obtainable by any other advertiser.

A call is considered to be successful when the sales or lead generated are at least three times more than the average sales generated during a thirty-minute call. Call duration is important because it allows the advertiser to generate a sufficient amount of calls.

If there is a possibility of a customer buying a product or service from a specific phone number, it is necessary to include that number on the call. In addition to the telephone number, the call should also provide the name, address and a picture of the person. This makes the advertisement more attractive to the customer.

The frequency of the call should be high enough to be noticed. It is important for an advertiser to have an idea of the percentage of the audience he will reach with the use of his particular telephone.

When making a Pay Per Call advertisement, it is important that the caller provide the advertiser with the option to purchase the product or service that he is interested in. It is also necessary that he be willing to purchase it before he makes the call.

An advertiser can choose to be charged a flat rate per sale, a per sale price per impression, a per call price. It depends on the advertiser’s decision as to which payment is more profitable.

Pay Per Call advertising is a relatively new way of increasing sales. Although it is still in its infancy stage, it has proven to be effective for some marketers and advertisers.

Phone manufacturers have introduced a system in their phones, which allows the caller to place multiple calls in a single toll-free number. Callers can set up their own numbers and can make a maximum of three calls within a specific time.

This type of system makes it easy for customers to contact an advertiser without actually having to make a call. Instead of having to pick up the phone and call the advertiser’s toll-free number, they can press a button on their phone and speak to the advertiser.

It has become easier to sell products using phone numbers than ever before. The advertiser simply calls his target audience and provides the information that he needs to provide on the product or service that he is offering. After the call is complete, he does not have to wait for a response from the caller.

Phone numbers also allow the advertiser to create a more personal connection between himself and the customer. He does not have to worry about calling the number in order to get the information that he wants.